International Women’s Day marked at Upton Junior School

Upton marks International Women's Day

Children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs marked International Women’s Day this month (March) with a special assembly.

Every year, on 8 March, International Women’s Day celebrates the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women.

This year the POW!Thanet festival gave women’s voices and creativities a platform throughout the isle with special attention to the centenary of women over the age of 30 gaining the vote.

Upton Junior School marked the day in this special centenary year with an assembly delivered by Year 3 teacher Isobel Reed.

She said: “On Monday (March 5) I led an assembly that focused on the importance of gender equality. I spoke to the children about the inspirational figure and a personal hero of mine, Malala Yousafzai, and her brave campaign for girls’ education.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to share the importance of equality and how it affects women globally. The children of Upton were incredibly engaged in the discussion and explored it further in class on Thursday – International Women’s Day.”

Equal representation in parliament, the right to access education, ending male violence against women and girls and the pay gap are just some of the challenges facing girls and women today. Movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, 50:50 Parliament and women leading in the Winter Olympics show that across the world, women are fighting for, and making, positive gains.

Gains are hard won. 2018 marks the100th anniversary of ‘some’ women (those over the age of 30 who owned property) and all men finally winning the right to vote.

Events and exhibitions are happening all over the UK in 2018 to mark 100 years of the Representation of the People Act. Find out more here

Report by Rachel Bell