Plan for 100 homes off Haine Road expected to gain approval

100 homes are planned for the site off Haine Road

An application for 100 homes off Haine Road in Ramsgate is likely to be deferred to Thanet council planning officers for approval.

A design report produced by BDB Design LLP  is for outline proposals for a residential development comprising of 100 houses at the St Stephen’s bungalow plot.

The 4.25 ha site is on the western side of Haine Road (A256) and to the south of Spratling Lane. The development will be a mixture of terraced, semi–detached and detached units including blocks of apartments and 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed houses.

Five houses are proposed  to be built directly on the St. Stephens bungalow site and these will be two pairs of 3–bedroom semi–detached houses and 1 detached 4–bed house.

A new spine road is proposed as part of the development. There will also be a toucan crossing at Haine Road, the widening of Haine Road to accommodate a separate right hand turn lane, a roundabout,the provision of a footpath along the eastern boundary of the application site, and the provision of a cycleway/footway on the eastern side of Haine Road linking the toucan crossing to Leigh Road.

BDB say: “The intention is to provide a mix of high quality housing in a sustainable location, on a site which has been recognised by the council as having potential to provide a significant proportion of houses towards local housing supply and where the scale and style reflects the development’s location at the edge of Ramsgate.”

Thanet council has received 14 letters of objection. Cliffsend Parish Council said the density is too high and the proposed road modifications are unsuitable.

Manston Parish Council also expressed concern at overdevelopment and said a new roundabout would add to road gridlock.

They add: “This amount of housing would increase the size of housing in Manston Parish by nearly a quarter. We have 500 approx homes at the moment, and another 100 is a sizeable addition. This development would put an enormous strain on existing community facilities. Doctors for Manston are already hard to find, also dentists. Haine Road  is a very busy road which is not going to be helped by further a roundabout. Spratling Lane will be used as a ‘rat run/cut through’ to avoid Haine Road.”

If the application is agreed the developer would be required to provide

30% affordable housing

£4,535.00 per ‘applicable’ house and £1,134.00 per ‘applicable’ flat towards primary school provision in the form of Phase 2 of the new Manston Green Primary School,

£4,115.00 per ‘applicable’ house’ and £1,029.00 per ‘applicable’ flat towards secondary school provision in the form of Phase 2 Royal Harbour Academy expansion works,

£4,753.57 towards library provision,

£40,800 towards the Special Protection Area.

£720 per 2-bed unit, £1,008 per 3-bed unit, and £1,260 per 4-bed unit for improvements within primary care through contributing towards the provision of a new purpose built medical facility at Westwood

Off-site highway works in Haine Road.

Planning committee members will make a decision at a meeting on Wednesday (March 14). They have been advised to defer and delegate the application for approval by planning officers.