Upton pupils investigate what ‘Being Human’ means

Being Human day at Upton school

The intriguing and fascinating question of what is Being Human has been explored by children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

Year 6 pupils learnt basic First Aid and how to perform CPR on blow-up dummies during a topic day.

They also tested their fitness through circuit training and made up actions to a song that could help a younger child learn parts of the body.

Teacher Athanasia Papa-Adams said :”The children watched some very moving video clips about people with disabilities and they considered the fact that we are all the same and yet different.

“Everyone also tried drawing using their non-dominant hand, feet and mouths with varying degrees of success. It was great fun as well as being very informative.

“The children really thought about our core value of adaptability and showed great empathy when watching and discussing the video clips.”