Conservative Cabinet for Thanet council announced

Council leader Bob Bayford and the new Cabinet members

The new Conservative Cabinet at Thanet council has been installed.

The new leader of Thanet council, Conservative Cllr Bob Bayford, was voted in to the top spot by other members of the authority last Thursday (March 1) in the wake of the resignation of former UKIP leader Chris Wells.

The leadership vote marked the end of the UK’s only UKIP-led authority and the beginning of a minority Conservative administration.

Cllr Bayford announced Cllr Jason Savage as deputy leader – and portfolio holder for regeneration and enterprise – at the meeting last week but now the Cabinet roles have also been allocated.

The post holders are:

  • Member for housing and open spaces Councillor Lesley Ann Game
  • Member for financial services and estates Councillor Ian Gregory
  • Member for community safety and environmental services Councillor Rosanna Taylor-Smith
  • No member announced for corporate governance

The Cabinet will now create a 10-point list of priorities and undertake work to bring the Thanet Local Plan to the publication stage.


  1. …and no whingey, moaning, NIMBY, No Night Flight, polluting ghetto housing estate flunkies either! Lol ????

  2. There is no correlation between not wanting a busy airport in the immediate vicinity and wanting a very large number of new houses/flats there. But if the new Cabinet can manage to look at things impartially, that will certainly be an improvement.

  3. As conservatives are heading to control of TDC,will that mean that government will increase funds to council

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