Southeastern urges passengers to avoid unnecessary travel

Snow is causing service issues Photo John Horton

Southeastern says heavy snow across the south east is leading to significant delays on the trains.

They are urging passengers to only make necessary journeys and, if people do need to travel, to allow extra time.

A Southeastern spokesperson said: “Our priority is to get passengers home this evening, but heavy snow across the south east has led to significant delays and cancellations across the rail network.”

“We’re advising passengers not to travel if they’re able to avoid it, and to make a plan for leaving work earlier than normal. Wherever possible, please try to avoid the peak hours.”

“We’ve been working hard to run as many trains as possible today, and the weather conditions have been extremely challenging. This has resulted in cancellations and delays and we apologise to passengers who’ve had trouble getting to where they want to go.”

Photo John Horton

“Our staff are doing all they can to keep people moving and have been out since the early hours shovelling snow from platforms and walkways. We’re continuing to focus on getting as much information as we can out to passengers.”

“We strongly advise passengers to allow extra time for their journeys, and to check before they travel using the Southeastern website, National Rail Enquiries, the free ‘On Track’ app or follow @Se_Railway for live Twitter updates”

“We’ll be doubling the Delay Repay compensation for customers who’ve been caught up in travel disruption today. More details are available on our website.”

Photo John Horton

A modified timetable will run tomorrow (Thursday 1 March). This will mean reduced services on some lines, the closure of some stations and changes to the times of those trains that are running.

All the revised train times have been uploaded to online journey planners, and for full details of the revised timetable and up-to-date travel information please visit the Southeastern website, National Rail Enquiries, use the free ‘On Track’ app or follow @Se_Railway for live Twitter updates”

The Delay Repay compensation is doubled for today and tomorrow.

Stations updates

Summary of modified timetable

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  1. I travelled to Yorkshire last week and could not book a seat on Southeastern . I had a seat booked from Kings Cross. I enquired at Ramsgate if I could book a seat but was told “they do not book seats on Southeastern”. As I started my journey I began to realise why seats are not booked.It is because the train I was on was so packed ,with people squashed together no access to the toilet by the press of people standing outside the door. It could have been worsr if you were in the toilet you would not have been able to get out until Ashford International. I remember Jeremy Corben brought this to the attention of the public and he sat on the floor as there were no seats available. How many would travel knowing all the seats had been booked and the possibility of having to stand for up to 2 hours. Therefore, no seats bookable !

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