Festability music festival is coming to Quex Park

Festability is back

A music festival for people with disabilities is being held at Quex Park in Birchington in May.

Festability, which also welcomes those without disabilities, was started by a group of parents after they learnt about a similar event in the North West.

Mainstream festivals can be too noisy and crowded for some families living with disabilities, but Festability is providing some extras to make to event inclusive to all.

It aims to be as close to other music festivals as possible, but with additional elements including a quiet/chill zone with sensory lights and sounds, a changing places suite with fully accessible/hoisting toilet, qualified staff to assist and a karaoke tent.

There will also a fantastic line up of live music, which includes some cover bands of Abba and Queen, as well as some who have disabilities themselves like The AutistiX.

Festability is held on May 12 from Noon-8pm. Tickets £15. Find out more and book here