A Travellers’ camp has moved on from St Nicholas-at-Wade but left a mound of mess

Some of the mess left behind

Travellers who were camped at a lay-by in St Nicholas-at-Wade have finally moved on but residents are left with an eyesore mess until the site has been cleaned.

The group moved on to land at Potten Street, by the roundabout, around two weeks ago. Despite constant reporting from the parish council to Thanet and Kent councils, the group had been on site since last month.

One resident said the mess left behind included faeces, wet wipes, carpets, tyres and household rubbish.

The site, which is near the Thanet Way at Thanet Earth and is owned by the county council, was last targeted by Travellers in October.

Some residents are now calling for the lay-by, which has also been targeted by ‘doggers,‘ to be blocked off.


  1. This is a continuous problem in Thanet. Would it not be better to have a small piece of ground made available for them so they can stay and move-on when ready. Then any that move onto public grounds can be moved to the site. If they are true travellers they won’t want to stay long.

  2. This has been a on going problem it’s time TDC sorted it for good .the faster the travelers are moved on the less it will cost to clean up after .when l say moved on l mean out of Thanet the same day .

  3. Travellers? Oh I see! A PC description for gypsies! Out of Thanet and out of Europe! Back to where they came from!

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