The Ramsgate harbour Kingfisher features in BBC2’s Winter Watch series

A Kingfisher in the harbour Photo Brian Whitehead

Footage of a Kingfisher that lives at Ramsgate harbour features in the latest series of BBC2’s Winter Watch.

The programme is hosted by Michaela Strachan, Chris Packham, Gillian Burke and Martin Hughes-Games.

There are four episodes, two can be caught on BBC iplayer. The next two are tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 9pm.

The scenes were filmed by presenter and photographer Richard Taylor Jones and Ramsgate nature expert Keith Ross.

The Kingfishers are  territorial and some of the footage shows two Kingfishers fighting in the harbour.

Keith and Richard previously worked together on The Kingfisher Coast, which was aired on The One Show last March.

Keith Ross has gathered a twitter and youtube following for his stunning videos and pictures of nature on the isle.

Find out more about the show here

Find Keith’s videos on twitter @ramsgatebirds and

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