Video: Ramsgate lifeboat crews rescue yacht run aground at Goodwin Sands

RNLI Ramsgate in action (Photo Ramsgate RNLI)

Ramsgate lifeboat (ILB) crew were called out to a yacht run aground at the Goodwin Sands yesterday (January 27).

The lifeboat was requested by UK Coastguard at 3.35pm to assist the 45 ft yacht after it hit trouble. On the scene the crew determined that due to the sea swell and wind conditions, the all-weather lifeboat would be required to tow the yacht into harbour.

At 3:52pm UK Coastguard requested  the AWB launched to assist with the tow. On arrival, the AWB crew passed a line to one of the ILB crew members that was onboard the stricken yacht. Once the tow was ready, the yacht, with the assistance of the ILB crew member, winched the anchor aboard and 6he craft was towed into Ramsgate Harbour.