Crafty Poppies donation to the Royal British Legion

The Crafty Poppies cheque hand over

Members of Ramsgate’s Craft Poppies group have presented a cheque for £300.64 to the Royal British Legion.

The group has around 25 members who attend meetings once a month, usually at AiR in Harbour Street. The group are planning a special installation for this year’s 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Last year they knitted hundreds of poppies and adorned the peace memorial at Albion Gardens.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The first batch of purple poppies, symbolising the animals that fell in the service of conflict, were installed in August with 1,000 of the crocheted flowers on the railings by the Destiny statue.

The second batch, of traditional red poppies, were put in place for Remembrance Day in November. The poppies are made by crocheting, knitting and looming.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The donation, presented to Clive Richards from the RBL, was handed over at the AiR shop.

Find out more on the Crafty Poppies facebook page here