Health bosses say dental care will continue at Newington Road clinic

Newington Road Clinic will have dental services

Dental care will continue at the Newington Road clinic despite the shutting down of a satellite service for Church Hill dentists.

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHT) has sought to reassure people that the clinic isn’t closing although the satellite for the Church Hill dentists will be removed.

Church Hill will shut on March 31 when the contract with KCHT ends. The practice has some 8,000 people on its books.

Dental Clinical Director for east Kent Michelle Forbes said: “The dental clinic in Newington Road is not closing.  It is a mixed general practice and special care dental clinic.  So, at the moment, it provides some of the dental care for patients at the Church Hill general dental practice, acting as satellite clinic.

“The satellite clinic will stop when our contract runs out for Church Hill at the end of March. However, the Newington Road clinic will continue as a dental access centre where patients can have a course of NHS dental treatment and day time urgent care. It will also continue to be a special care dental clinic.’’

Hundreds of people have signed a petition protesting at the closure of Church Hill. KCHT bosses declined to give a reason for the decision not to renew the contract.

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