Westgate & Birchington Inner Wheel: Pub grub and Jenga

Westgate & Birchington Inner Wheel

Westgate & Birchington Inner Wheel celebrated World Inner Wheel Day this year with a visit to a pub, well, almost.For one evening only, Bay Church Hall, Minnis Bay, was changed into a venue for a delicious meal and the opportunity to play some traditional pub games.

It was all done in the name of fundraising for our community charities projects. Our ‘catering committee’ headed by one of our newest members, Wendy Edmeades, provided a delicious traditional ‘pub supper’ of sausages n’ mash, with onion gravy, followed by apple crumble muffins and custard. Two of the brave menfolk, Rex Morley and Lester Edmeades, had their arms twisted to don ‘pinnies’ and bow ties, to wait on the ladies, so we kindly let them eat their supper afterwards! A very big thank you to both the catering team and Rex and Lester!

A true ‘pub quiz’ followed the meal, when questions were asked about every aspect of pubs, real and fictional, and drinks. Hazel Hedges won the quiz, with a worryingly impressive knowledge of pubs and alcohol, and was awarded a prize bottle of fizz. A giant Jenga tower was erected and 2 pairs of members. Lily Doody and Margaret Hawkins, and Mo Reid and Jenny Graf, started to demolish it in the traditional way. The tower was about the height of the ladies’ waists at the start and eventually built up to somewhere over their heads. Eventually Margaret Hawkins managed to cause the dramatic collapse.

Other members played bagatelle and there was keen competition amongst the group. Finally our two most senior members, Jean Munday and Jean Lewis, were judged the winners having scored two balls apiece in the 350 slot.

Money raised from the evening will be used to purchase items for the Minnis Community Hub for the elderly. The hub provides personalised activities, group sessions and themed days, therapy and wellbeing services, including hairdressing, chiropody, a bathing service and home-cooked meals to mention just a few of the services on offer.

We look forward to a visit from leaders from the Minnis Community Hub at our March meeting. There will be no formal meeting in February, but we shall be holding a fish and chip supper at the Fishbone Grill on February 15. The objects of Inner Wheel are to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding.

Any like-minded ladies who would like to learn more about our group, please contact Membership Officer Lily on 01843 840826, and arrange for a visit. We would love to see you.