Video: Starling murmuration above Ramsgate’s Ellington Park

Murmuration over Ellington Park Image Brian Whitehead

A  Starling murmuration in the sky above Ellington Park, Ramsgate, has been caught on video by resident Brian Whitehead.

During the winter months Starlings form large communal roosts to retain warmth and  flock in great numbers beforehand, this is a murmuration.

As the light of the day fades away small flocks of starlings will begin to join up, twisting and turning in harmony as they do so.

Thousands of birds come together in some areas, the large numbers and intricate movements are thought to aid safety by reducing likely attacks from aerial predators.

The birds will then drop into their chosen roost spot, whether this is a reedbed, another natural feature or man-made structure, such as a pier.

The aerial display this species makes is incredible but the noise of their chattering once settled into their roost is equally memorable.

Information with thanks to the Woodland Trust.