Ramsgate New Year’s Eve fireworks cancelled


The only organised fireworks display on the isle for New Year’s Eve has been cancelled.

Ramsgate Town Council organised the event, with the display due to take place over the harbour at midnight.

But the event has now been cancelled on the advice of the firework compnay due to predicted high winds this evening.

A message from Ramsgate Town Council says: “Sadly, high winds have stopped play for the fireworks this evening! On the advice of the fireworks company, the winds would make it too dangerous. They also advise against people using fireworks at all this evening.”


  1. Well that pleases me at least,my dogs hate fireworks,shame the money has been spent on them really im sure the homeless in the area could do with a hot meal and a bed for the night which should really come first,unless the fireworks where privately funded of course

  2. here here wevsky!! if the worst people have to worry about is if we can go to fireworks it’s a sad state of affairs.

  3. Strange, as fireworks were going off all around Westcliff and great display seen from sandwich which I presume was the club next to Phizers.

  4. I hope they won’t be paid for the firework display that didn’t happen. The displays we could see around Deal and Dover also seemed to go very well.

    Perhaps the firework company and Ramsgate Town Council need to find something simpler to do more in line with their abilities?

    It’s also strange that so many firework displays went off perfectly in Kent, London and all over the world..

  5. i hope the money is recouped too. aside from my previous comment organised fireworks are far more safe financially and environmentally friendly. i just wish our council money was spent helping those that need it more. i’ve been to fireworks in other country towns in kent which cover their costs with donations, and excess to the next year’s event or charity. london’s was amazing but would have pulled in the money through tourist pounds (i didn’t go i watched it on tv). shame but bigger things to worry about.

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