Tribute paid to record-breaking Thanet cyclist Morris Crow

Ramsgate's Morris Crow has passed away aged 82

Champion Thanet cyclist Morris Crow has died aged 82.

Morris, the youngest of four children, was born on May 3, 1935.

He was a keen cricketer – fast bowler – playing for Kent Colts, which was just below county standard. He was also a keen table tennis player.

Morris’s main passion was cycling. He joined the Thanet Road Cycling Club as a junior in the early 1950s and remained a member until illness forced his retirement six years ago.

Army Cyling Team Herne Hill cycling track 1956. Morris Crow (rear 5th from left).

He won many races, both for the Thanet Road Club and also the Army Cycling Union, during his National Service in the mid 1950s as a Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineer.

While racing for the Army Cycling Union Morris won the Military team pursuit, riding with the legendary Ray Booty. He won numerous trophies for the Thanet Road Club, including junior, senior and veteran awards.

Morris Crow. Thanet Road Club Junior Cycling Champion 1953.

In 1953 Morris was the Thanet Road Club Junior Cycling Champion.

He still holds many of the club place to place records.

Morris was part of the Thanet team holding the current Thanet RC 30-mile time trial team record, with Brett Dennis and Ernie Abdella. This record is yet to be beaten.

Morris Crow (on the right) 1978. Thanet Road Club 30 mile time trial team record, which has never been beaten

Morris, who had two brothers who fought in the World War Two Normandy campaign, lived in Ramsgate in the home his parents bought for £500 in 1928.

Morris Crow and Freda 1955.

In the 50s he was married to Freda, nee Foat, whose dad and brother owned the greengrocers in Eaton Road, Margate. Her father was also an alderman for Margate Borough Council.

Although the couple were divorced many years ago they remained good friends. Freda now lives in Westgate.

Son Derek Crow-Brown, a district councillor for Thanet villages, said: “Morris was a kind, caring and compassionate man who loved cycling.

Morris Crow, keen cyclist in all weathers (1981).

“A true cyclist in every sense, he would ride home to Thanet on weekend leave from Blandford in Dorset, a distance of 200 miles.

“Following his National Service, he worked for many years as a sign writer for the East Kent Bus company in Canterbury.

“As a cyclist, he was an inspiration to all members, especially those new to the sport. Morris was also a keen meteorologist, whose knowledge of the weather was second to none.”

Morris, father to sons Derek and Stephen, died on Christmas Eve.


  1. Derek, Your dad had a record that you and your family can be very proud to remind us all about.
    I don’t think we ever met but we did have a a number of things in in common. Firstly, we were both Thanetians with just a year apart in age. (forget the natural rivalry between Rasgatonians and Margatonians) We were both National Servicemen in the REME when it came time for national service. When your dad he was cycling with the Thanet Road Club I was taking a more leisurely ride with the Cyclist Touring Club. But one of the most important things was that we both had a sons born in Margate at the same maternity home just a month apart. Lots of coincidences and there are others.

    Although our personal achievements, his cycling record for example, may have been very different I am proud to have been of the same generation.
    Best wishes.

  2. Morris will not only be remembered as a great cyclist but a kind and caring gentleman who was a great animal lover, who adopted many cats and always put food out for the garden birds. Jacqui

  3. My sincere condolences to you and your family Derek. I didn’t know your Dad but he was someone to be very proud of.

  4. Morris my uncle was a quiet but very kind man who would go out of his way to help others. I will miss our weekly chats. God Bless

  5. To my dear friend Mo….what can i say.
    I started work at East kent Road Car company in Canterbury in 1979 aged 15.
    You took me under your wing and taught me all the tricks of the trade.
    You knicknamed me ‘Scragg’.. because i was so thin and small..and if i was going up the town at lunchtime you would say ‘ Scragg are you passing the bakery..get me a loaf and a bread pudding!’..righto Mo!..i would reply.
    All part of being an apprentice…i suppose!(tee hee)!
    Keep an eye on the weather up there for me Mo…God Bless ol Friend..from Steve..and the few of us left from the coachworks.

  6. My uncle Morris, a kind, generous and considerate man who bore his increasing ill health with courage and fortitude will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

  7. Morris Crow(my Uncle) was an all round wonderful caring man.I will miss him so very much,as he will be by anyone that has been and come into their lives.May you R.I.P Morris.Daphne.

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