Ramsgate pub landlord and lifeboatman rescues person who jumped into the Royal Harbour

Ramsgate harbour Photo Brian Whitehead

Ramsgate RNLI was called out today (December 26) after a person jumped into the inner harbour.

The crew was called at 11.31am for assistance when a member of the public reported it to the owners of the Mariners Bar.

Natacha Crome, from the bar, rang the port control to launch the lifeboat, while her husband Jason Crome – second mechanic and helm of Ramsgate Lifeboat – attended the scene.

He waded in down the access steps and pulled the person out of the water before a full lifeboat crew had assembled.

With the help of ambulance staff and fire crew, the person was carried up the steps and placed onto the awaiting stretcher.


  1. This news is not correct. The person was saved by the quick thinking of two members of the general public who lowered a life preserver over the woman and then towed her to the steps.She would have drowned if not for these men.The rnli arrived after she was safe. Get your facts right!

    • The facts come from the RNLI. Jason Crome was one of the men who rescued the woman. The report states that this was done before the RNLI arrived although Jason is a RNLI crew member

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