Four friends have set up a help and support page on facebook

Tommy Teague, Charlie Cooper, Jessica Shepherd and Carrie Tough

A facebook page offering support to people who are suffering addiction, mental ill-health or homelessness has been created by four friends.

Founder Tommy Teague, and co founder Charlie Cooper, Jessica Shepherd and Carrie Tough have launched Horizon Limitless (Activities Community) as a place for people to find support and company.

All four of the group have all suffered either homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, depression or anxiety.

Tommy  created the site after being homeless and battling addiction, nearly losing his life  before he turned himself around.

The Facebook page is dedicated to bringing people together, to show support, and be a place to gather and express feelings.

Jessica said: “With so many people stuck in doors suffering we wanted a hub that’s a safe place to come and talk and feel like you’re a part of the world from the safety of your home. We are also getting very hands on with the homeless community, from delivering needed items to local homeless shelters, and hitting the streets to offer compassion and needed items for homeless people.

“This love is spreading as far and wide as we can across Kent, starting in Canterbury and branching out across, other towns such as Thanet, Whitstable and wherever we can hang our hat.

“We want to give back and we want to help in a time where it seems to be most needed. We also have Andy and Caz Franks on our team who donated printed T-shirts for us to wear whilst out doing our thing.£

The four are appealing for people  to join the community page, share the word and donate for those who are homeless if they can.

Find the page by clicking here

Get help

Don’t suffer alone – call Samaritans on  08457 90 90 90