MP Craig Mackinlay calls for naming law changes after former chief of staff is cleared of rape

Samuel Armstrong has been found not guilty of raping a woman in Westminster

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay says the right of anonymity should be extended to rape defendants until charge or conviction.

His comments follow the not guilty verdict issued in the court case of former chief of staff Samuel Armstrong who has today been found not guilty of two counts of rape and two of sexual assault.

Mr Armstrong, 24, was tried at Southwark Crown Court following the accusations made by a parliamentary worker.

The woman claimed she had been raped at the Houses of Parliament by Mr Armstrong in October last year.

Mr Armstrong maintained the pair had had consensual sex after a night of drinking.

The jury delivered the not guilty verdict after just over five hours of deliberations.

Mr Mackinlay said: “I’m obviously delighted that Sam has been cleared. I had no doubt as to his innocence throughout.

“This has been an horrendous time for both Sam and his family and questions do need to be asked about the time it took to progress this case.

“And in a week where we’ve seen various rape trials collapse because the authorities had failed to disclose crucial evidence, I do think we should also re-consider extending the right of anonymity to rape defendants until charge or conviction.”

Following the verdict Mr Armstrong said the ordeal had been the worst year of his life.

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  1. We have known this for years now that men are being accused of all sorts of sexual crimes against woman with the accusers having full anonymity whilst the accused name is made public at the outset. How can these men get a fair trial when the media is making up false stories doing their best to criminalise them, and the police are advertising for anyone else that may want to put in a claim to come forward with full protection by law. Not to worry if they can’t get the conviction as nobody will know who you are. This is like come and have a go, if you win, you win big compensation if not then you have nothing to worry about. Whilst the accused is finished no matter what the result is as their name has been broadcast to the world and once that has happened everyone believes they are guilty in any case. There can be no easy comeback for them as we see in many sex trials within British law. No justice, no fair trial no compensation for the accused ! This legal system has been designed by men haters, by loonies, by crooked lawyers. So many good names have been trashed for ever but the money seekers walk of Scott free without a worry. Now that is wrong and British law needs a damn good overhaul. Craig, you could be the leader for a change in this law !

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