Residents will be invited to view Bethesda Medical Centre expansion plans

Bethesda Medical Centre

An event for residents to view plans for a proposed new build at Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate will take place on January 10.

The plans will be available to see at the centre in Palm Bay Avenue between 3pm and 8pm.

The centre aims to invite residents who will be affected by the build so that any concerns can be discussed before the full building application is submitted.

There are currently two plans for the new build, funded by a successful NHS bid. One will be chosen and submitted as part of a formal planning application.

The centre is hoping to buy the old coach park next door to provide additional parking. Currently plans show spaces for 40 vehicles.

The building will have two floors and include facilities such as a gym, café and frailty hub. There will be ultrasound scanning and specialist clinics but no X Ray service.

The expansion is expected to be completed by January 2020.

A merger with Northdown surgery is expected to take place around the same time. Meetings are currently taking place to look at dual working. Once the merger is complete there will be one team. No redundancies are expected.

It is thought the merger is part of NHS plans for extended GP practices outlined in Kent’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

The STP, created by Kent and Medway health trusts, the NHS, Kent County Council and Medway Council, sets out proposals to overhaul the health system, including changes to GP surgeries and hospitals.

One of the proposals in the STP is to replace Thanet’s 17 GP surgeries with 4 extended practices, serving a catchment of between 30-60,000 patients, and a medical hub.


  1. Trying to have everything under one roof is not necessarily a good thing for the users of them. One large hospital in Canterbury proposed now just a few Doctors Surgery’s for the thousands of patients all trying to get an appointment at the same time of day, ie 8.00 am. I remember when seeing your doctor was a personal thing, but now you feel like cattle being dunked through the dip.

  2. I agree – it is really unpleasant to be in such a crowded environment, especially if one suffers from anxiety or similar.

  3. They will have to revise the appointment issue – at present for my GP the only way to get an appointemtn is ti be in a queue outside in the cold at lwast 30 mins before the surgery opens. Not easy when older and arthritic and you have to stand for than long – makes you more poorly! The website shows no online booking, the phone system says no appointments available. Prescription clerks make frequent errors now bordering on the dangerous and sometimes it is so crowded inside its no wonder everyone gets coughs and colds especially with people who have never been taught to cover their mouth and go outside the door and spit. Will this plan being revealed mean anything – people do not listen to the public really they just have to be seen to follow proceedures,

  4. My mother of 90 is at northdown and housebound. They’d do not do home visits and just do telephone appointment or send male paramedic round. No continuity of care and they get paid for over 90s

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