Ramsgate couple launch ode to a mince pie song and Cole’s coffee shop creates Christmas animation

Ramsgate has gone festive!

Ramsgate’s self-professed “most Christmassy couple” have released a festive single.

Labourer Keith and barmaid Julie have launched Mr Mince Pie!

The couple, who have been married for 25 years, say they had a helping hand from “Big Dave  down the pub and his hi-tech music bits and bobs” to create the song and Youtube video.

Julie has made her dreams come true by recording an ode (with vocal additions from her begrudging husband) to their beloved mince pie – but Keith is less keen and refuses to reveal their full identity “in case anyone realises it is him!”

Speaking of her record-making debut, Julie said; “The song came to me in a dream, you know, like how Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday. I woke up in the morning and sang it to Keith, but he told me that it was daft and to put a sock in it.

“I sang it to Big Dave from down the pub, he thought it was really catchy and said he could help us record it because he had all the fancy, hi-tech music bits and bobs.”

Keith added; “Julie would not stop going on about this flipping song she had stuck in her head. Eventually, I gave in and recorded it. Hopefully, she’ll shut up now, I just want to watch West Ham in peace.”

Mr. Mince Pie is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, download on iTunes, and to watch on YouTube.

And they are not the only ones in Ramsgate to get all festive.

Michelle and Terry from Cole’s coffee shop in Broad Street have brought their festive knitted characters in the shop to life in an animated film.

The couple were helped in their quest by loyal customers who helped make the characters and the filming and production of Coles’ Christmas tale.

Knitted Michelle and Terry from Cole’s of Ramsgate

Those who pitched in included filming and production from Jez Jerry Anderson; characters and scenery by June Attwell and the bunting and star from Samantha Louise Foster.