The waterfall in Ramsgate’s Madeira Walk is full of foam again

Foam in the waterfall

The waterfall in Ramsgate’s Madeira Walk has been targeted again by ‘pranksters.’

A detergent has been added to the water so it is now full of foam and spilling across the road.

The waterfall has been targeted numerous times. In September last year culprits added colour, turning the waterfall bright green.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “The council’s Open Spaces team was on site this morning to defoam the waterfall.

The cost of cleaning up this damage will be around £1,000. Dyes and detergents can damage fountain parts. In addition detergents are damaging to water life and this was a particularly serious case of contamination.”

The waterfall was created when, in 1894, the Borough Council of Ramsgate decided to welcome new visitors to the town by changing its appearance from that of a busy fishing port to one with picturesque gardens and promenades.   One of the first stages of the plan was to create a new road to wind up from the harbour to the East Cliff, to be called Madeira Walk.

James Pulham and Son carried out the work, making  it look as if it had been cut through a steep gorge, with rocky ‘cliffs’ on either side.

They built the Pulhamite ‘rocks’ shoring up the steep banks of the gorge, including the artificial cascade of th waterfall.

Thanet council has been asked for comment.


  1. Do they not realise that there is protected newts in the water, and if harmed can carry a prison sentence. These people are not pranksters, they are mindless idiots, maybe a cctv camera needs to be installed.

  2. Here we go again, no thought for anyone but their own 5 minutes of enjoyment. What a laugh that must have been. It probably needs a cage all the way round it to stop any further pathetic idiots from contaminating the water and causing a clean up operation.

  3. There is always some brainless idiot around, who thinks that this vandalism is somehow “funny”. The protected neets in the water have probably been killed off by this stupidity. If this is so, those responsible could find themselves serving a prison sentence – and quite rightly so, too.

  4. Yet again we have disrespectful morons who think it’s funny to to add bubbles to the waterfall. They whinge & moan that there’s nothing to do around here, so they entertain themselves by being yobs. Why spoil what is here & been here for years before you & hopefully years after you? GROW UP, GET A LIFE, GET A JOB BUT MOST OF ALL HAVE SOME RESPECT & MAYBE YOU WILL GET SOME RESPECT BACK.

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