Crowdfunder set up after Margate nan loses grandchildren’s Christmas present cash on the bus

The changes are part of proposals to improve Thanet Loop journeys

A crowdfunding page set up after a Margate nan left her purse on the Thanet Loop bus has raised more than £230.

Luke Harris appealed on facebook after his mum Betty lost the purse while on her way to Westwood Cross to buy presents for her ten grandchildren.

In his post he said: “My mum has left her little purse on the Thanet Loop containing roughly £300, which was to buy Christmas presents for her grandchildren. If anyone comes across it or already has done then please have the decency to hand it in or get in touch. It’s a Brazil purse with Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer on it, It had £300 all in £20 notes and a return bus ticket from the Wheatsheaf to Westwood Cross.”

In response Newington school worker Kim Duffy set up a crowdfunder with a £300 target to replace the lost money.

She said: “If the lady gets her purse and contents returned we can donate any money given to a local charity. Any funds above the £300 will also go to charity. This is about our community spirit at Christmas.”

So far 37 donations have raised £235.

Luke added: “Its lovely what people have done. I’d like to say a special thank you to Kim Duffy for setting it all up.

“It’s very close to the 300 now. I know my mum will be over the moon. It’s just a shame there people out there that will come across things like this and pocket it without a care in the world, not giving a second thought on the effect it has on the person that has lost it.”

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