Newington pupils take on bucket list challenge

The Newing-TEN challenge

Pupils at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate are aiming to complete their NewingTEN bucket list of activities before they leave at the end of Year 6.

The idea is for each pupil to have accomplished a variety of learning and life experiences during their passage through the school before moving into secondary education.

Assistant head teacher Becky Andrews said: “NewingTEN features ten large experiences with the school such as visiting a West Show in London, taking part in a community project, nurturing an animal or camping out under the stars.

“And each school year the pupils will aspire to ten smaller achievements that include flying a kite, preparing and making a healthy meal, or building a den.

“The initiative was launched at the start of this school year in September, and our children are already keen to experience their ten small and large opportunities.”

Pupils are keeping a timeline journal of their NewingTEN experiences as they progress through the school so they have a completed book of memories with words and photographs when they leave.

They will receive certificates and badges on their journey through the bucket list topics.

A display board in the form of a crossword has been devised by staff and answers to the clues spell out some of the choices that children can aim for.

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “There is also the opportunity for parents to become involved with some of the smaller opportunities and that helps them engage with their son or daughter’s learning experience.

“It is all about developing life skills and experiencing the world alongside our traditional learning.”