Upton pupils plant Crocus bulbs for Purple4Polio project

Upton pupils planting the bulbs

A carpet of beautiful purple flowers will greet visitors to Upton Junior School in Broadstairs in the spring.

Children planted hundreds of Crocus bulbs by the main reception as part of the Rotary Club international Purple4Polio project to help eradicate the disease.

Pupils and staff took part in the recent Purple4Polio day and donations, in exchange for wearing purple clothing to school, raised more than £430 for the charity.

John Rowland from Thanet Rotary Club presented an informative talk to school assembly about how Rotary and its members have been helping raise funds to fight the disease around the globe for more than 30 years.

He also donated 20 kilos of purple flowering crocus bulbs that pupils planted out at school and also took some home for their own gardens. The ground had been prepared for planting the previous weekend by parents and staff.

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “Upton is very keen to support charities and help the Rotary international effort to tackle polio.

“It is important that our pupils are aware of global issues and we are all happy to help play our small part in this vital initiative.

“The purple flowers at the front of our school entrance in the spring will be a colourful reminder for us all of the way in which Upton has been involved in this campaign.”

The number of countries where polio is still found has dropped from 125 to just three, with over 2.5 billion children receiving vaccinations.

Where 1000 children a day would be diagnosed, it is now only 10 per year. With eradication now closer than ever, Purple4Polio is part of the final push to get rid of polio for good.