Viking Bay seafront shelter and toilets go under the hammer for seven-times the guide price

Viking Bay Photo Carole Adams

The seafront shelter, former toilets and lift off Victoria Parade at Viking Bay  have gone under the hammer for a whopping £350,000.

Thanet council has sold the freehold for the site as part of its asset disposal programme.

The guide price given by auctioneers Clive Emson was £40,000- £50,000 plus fees but the hammer finally came down at 7 times that price.

The auction house described the site as: “An interesting Lot comprising a disused shelter at beach level, an area of open land together with the disused lift shaft and toilets at split level. The site itself is situated against the cliff face and generally central to Viking Bay in Broadstairs.

“It is considered that this Lot may be suitable for a variety of uses/conversions subject to all necessary consents being obtainable.”

Another Thanet council site to go under the hammer at the same auction was a plot of land off Tivoli Park Avenue and Tivoli Road in Margate

The freehold site is 0.37 hectares (0.91 acres)  and was being marketed as offering potential for development, subject to all necessary consents being obtainable.

It sold for £155,000

A third plot sold by TDC was land at Manston Road, Ramsgate.

The freehold site is 2.2 hectares (5.5 acres) and is adjacent Meridian. In 2007 permission was granted for 207 homes on the site

Since then the land, which was formerly allotments, has been earmarked in the Local Plan for 61 homes. It had a guide price of £900,000- £1million plus fees and sold for £980,000.

The auction was held yesterday ( October 30) at The Clive Emson Conference Centre in Maidstone.


  1. Well, not much left in the cupboard now..
    TDC in their wisdom (?) have flogged off most of the assets that belong to the people of Thanet .
    They were trusted to protect our interests and assets… Failing at every level..
    Shame on TDC…
    No doubt the blame will be levelled at Central Government and previous Local Administration, A’s is the usual response from our Council Leader ..

  2. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date on Thanet, Liam.

    I am just home after 4 months in hospital so I had better post that on Facebook!


  3. Liam Coyle: We all know the ulterior motives behind the selling of our assets in an auction. It enables TDC to get shot of things that they don’t want to invest in, sometimes at a bargain basement price. It brings revenue to TDC so that they can attempt to clear the debts that they themselves have built up through more often than not at poor internal advice. Why didn’t TDC sell the Pleasureamna site at auction. Again through poor advice.

    We know that TDC have to pay compensation to employee’s because they chose to ignore health and safety advice. They chose to accept poor advise over the animal exports.
    They chose to allow the freight company to build up debts again through poor advice. They had to pay compensation over the Dreamland site, because of poor advice.
    We still have to pay compensation for the loss to the previous owners of the Dreamland site.
    No doubt the list still goes on.

    The leader of TDC will say that these debts were built up under previous administrations. However, what the leader fails or chooses to forget is that he was part of these administrations and voted in favour for some of these disastrous decisions.

    Of course Cllr Wells hopes that by the end of his tenure he will be able to say he has cleared the books of most of the debts he himself helped to accrue.

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