Newington primary celebrates brilliant maths and literacy progress

Newington pupils are making good progress in maths and literacy

Newington Community Primary is celebrating being amongst the top 20 per cent of schools in the UK for progress in maths and literacy.

The year on year improvement in the key subjects is verified by SATS results which are published on the Department for education website.

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “This progress is very important to our whole school community and it is a fantastic achievement.”

The school’s approach to the vital core areas means that as well as being dedicated timetable lessons, the subjects are also taught the across the curriculum, for example in history and geography.

Mr Stokes said: “Maths and literacy are really part of our everyday learning, including when we bring our education alive by taking pupils on school visits to places such as Dover Museum or when we have visiting education teams in a variety of topics.”

Maths and literacy are also boosted through a link with Chatham and Clarendon House Grammar School whose teachers work with Newington’s more able pupils each week.

Mr Stokes added: “Consistent improvement is our goal at Newington and this was reflected in our outstanding Ofsted rating across all areas of the school this year.”