Margate and Ramsgate RNLI crews search Thanet coastline for reported person in distress at sea

Margate RNLI all-weather lifeboat 'Leonard Kent' at sea (RNLI Margate)

Margate’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat and Ramsgate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat have helped Kent Police and coastguards search for a person in distress off the Thanet coastline.

The alarm was raised in the early hours of this morning (Monday 30 October) when UK Coastguard was contacted by Kent Police reporting they had received information about a person in distress in the sea. Marine search and rescue assistance was requested.

Margate’s all-weather lifeboat was tasked to search the coastline from Margate to the east towards Ramsgate while Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboat searched from Ramsgate in the direction of Pegwell Bay. Margate’s coastguard rescue team was also tasked to carry out a shoreline search.

Following around an hour of searching and after Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboat had illuminated an area with a parachute flare, it was reported that the person concerned had been found ashore near Cliffsend and taken into the care of Kent Police. The rescue units were stood down and returned to station.

Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate Lifeboat, said: “The uncertainty as to the person’s location required a complex search arrangement by various RNLI and coastguard assets. It was a good example of multi-agency working and a reminder of the importance of having two RNLI lifeboat stations covering the lengthy Thanet coastline.”