Tail-end of Hurricane Ophelia not expected to hit Kent

Saharan dust has caused the red tint to the skies {Photo Met Office

Thanet is unlikely to be affected by the tailend of ex-Hurricane Ophelia,

The hurricane – now downgraded – affected Ireland and the north-west of the UK, leaving thousands of people without power.  Gusts of up to 93mph hit the west coast of Ireland, so far resulting in two deaths. It’s the most severe storm to hit Ireland in 50 years and has resulted in the cancellation of many ferries, trains, buses and flights.

In England flooding is expected in several areas and the skies have turned red as the storm whips up dust from the Sahara. The dust scatters the blue light from the sun letting more red light through much as at sunrise or sunset.

In Thanet, the Met Office predicts strong winds this evening before gradually easing through the early hours of Tuesday but they will not be of the force affecting the north-west,