Chasing The Light exhibition at the York Street Gallery

Chasing The Light

Isle artist Julian Lovegrove opens a new exhibition in Ramsgate tomorrow (October 11).

The former City worker displays his work at York Street Gallery every two years.

Chasing The Light is his third exhibition at the gallery.

The latest batch of works are mainly in oils, a change from Julian’s traditional watercolours and Indian ink works.

Julian said: “I have always liked to work out of doors directly from nature, with the changing weather, clouds always on the move, bugs sticking in the paint, sudden showers of rain or wind to blow everything away, or cover it all with sand when working on the beach.

“I have painted in muddy fields, boatyards, river banks, industrial sites, mountainsides, when the mists descend and blank everything out, town centres, with their noise and traffic, on beaches with an incoming tide, in the cold of winter wearing my thermals, and the heat of summer beneath the sun cream and a broad brimmed hat.

“When working out of doors I am completely lost in another world, where time is unimportant, and the comments of passers by are shrugged off politely, until I am completely satisfied with my creation.

“I am sure you will see all these elements in my work, and notice how different it is from that of those who work indoors and rely on a photograph for their only reference.”

When and where

Chasing The Light runs from October 11-18, opening at 1pm. On Saturday visitors will be able to meet the artists, and have a glass of wine.

York Street Gallery, 22 York Street, Ramsgate

Opening Times

Monday – 10.30am – Noon (afternoons by appointment)

Tuesday – Saturday – 10.30am – 4.00pm

Sunday – 11am – 4pm

Or by appointment outside normal hours