Brilliant Thanet response to land plea by Dreamland founder descendant David Sanger

David has received an offer of help

An offer of land to stay on has been made to David Sanger, the descendant of Victorian star Lord George Sanger, the founder of Dreamland predecessor, the Hall By The Sea who was facing eviction from land at Manston.

David Sanger, 54, was facing eviction from land at Manston and was desperate to find a place to stay for the winter with his four horses and two wagons.

The showman had travelled more than 300 miles this Summer to lead the Margate carnival with members of his travelling show – the last horse-drawn show in the UK.

At the carnival Photo Frank Leppard

But the trip, which involved 100 miles to get to Stonehenge and then another 200 miles from there to Margate, means his stallion horse suffered some strains and cannot manage another journey until he is healed.

David has also taken on a commission to build a Gypsy wagon which means living on the move is not possible.

Big-hearted Thanet residents shared David’s appeal with many offering suggestions, help and good wishes. Now an offer of a site near Minster has come from animal-lover Tina Hatchman.

The offer means David, who was one of the Sanger family members who officially reopened the Dreamland site in 2015, will be able to rest his stallion and complete his craftsman’s build of the wagon.

David and baby Cave on the stallion

David said: “I’d like to thank everybody for all the wonderful help and support in finding me a place to stay so I can start work and settle a bit over the start of winter.

“I am totally overwhelmed by everybody’s amazing efforts. I went to see the place where I am going to stay yesterday and it’s amazing, I am so so blessed. Thank you all so much.”

Tina said David is welcome to stay on the land for as long as he wants, even permanently.

She said: “I wanted to help David as I have a few acres of land sitting doing nothing. We have a few acres with stables. This place could have been rented out to many liveries but money isn’t everything, so this was a perfect situation.

“Sadly nine weeks ago I lost my best friend, who was my Dales Gelding. He was 32 years old. David, like me, has a deep passion for his animals. That came across from the start.

“I’ve only been in the area for 11 years, I used to live in Hertfordshire. This area has given my family so much, I wanted to pay it back and give David some place that is private, that is safe, and that is permanent. A place he doesn’t have to wake up and wonder if he will be moved on. This place will be forever open to him, he is now a friend.”


  1. What a lovely lady Tina is – a total gesture of giving AND for as long as David wants. Bless you Tina, and best wishes David ???? ????

  2. A true act of kindness.Please spare a thought for Thanet’s homeless this winter they are in need of a little kindness too .

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