An aircraft cargo container has been ‘dumped’ in Westbrook

The cargo container at Westbrook Photo Simon Moores

A cargo container unit has been found on the Royal Esplanade at Westbrook.

The unit was discovered by Westgate pilot and lecturer Simon Moores this morning (September 17) by the car park.

Mr Moores said: “It’s a cargo unit. Quite what it is doing on that spot I don’t know. I have moved it a bit as it was a traffic hazard.”

Almost all aircraft, whether passenger or freighter, have a lower deck – the belly compartment – to carry cargo.

It is not clear how the container ended up on the esplanade. Kent Police say they have not received a report.

Mr Moores has alerted Thanet council.


  1. Ha, more likely stolen from somebodies garage then rifled through and dumped there. It is a quiet spot at night time.

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