East Kent Mencap’s women’s group launch easy read domestic abuse leaflet

The leaflet launched by the East Kent Mencap group with help from Oasis

Domestic abuse charity Oasis has been working with the women’s group at East Kent Mencap on a special leaflet.

The groups launched the easy read leaflet on domestic abuse last week.

The women’s group, who all have learning difficulties, have been working with Oasis to produce the document using simple language and images.

Guests at the launch included representatives from Citizens Advice Bureau, community health, the DWP and Councillor Karen Constantine (pictured), who met the cost of producing the leaflet with a donation of £500 through KCC’s Combined Members Grant Scheme.

At the launch they discussed the importance of the leaflet and where it could be available in order to achieve the greatest impact and spread awareness.


Alice Dryland (pictured below), who regularly attends the women’s group, gave a short presentation outlining the amount of hard work that went into ensuring the correct images and text were used and the importance of the leaflet not only to the group, but to women who might need help in Thanet.

Following the presentation, Oasis’ Impact Officer, Iona Hunter-Whitehouse thanked the group and talked about the difference it would make within the community.

There was a range of refreshments available thanks to women’s group member Margaret Phelan, who baked two cakes and Batchelor’s Patisserie which created an impressive spread for the occasion.

Susan Abeles, who helped create the leaflet, said: Easy Read makes a big difference because it makes topics like domestic abuse easier for people to understand.”

The women’s group is a safe place for women with a learning difficulty to meet up and talk about the things that are important to them.

If you would like copies of the leaflet for your organisation or business please contact Amy Johnson on 01843 224482 or email [email protected]