Four huge transformers are due to arrive at Ramsgate Port this month

The transformers will be taken from Ramsgate to Richborough

Four huge electrical transformers are due to arrive at Ramsgate Port this month and will be transported in phases to the former Richborough power station site.

The equipment is to be used for the Nemo Link project – the laying of high voltage electricity cables under the sea between the former Ricborough Towers site and Herdersbrug in Belgium.

As part of the converter station construction at the Richborough Power Station site, the Nemo team will be taking delivery of the electrical transformers.

The transformers will be arriving from Nuremberg, via Rotterdam, into Ramsgate dock late this month (September).The first two will then be transported to site, with the third following in November and the fourth in early 2018′

Due to their size, the delivery vehicle will be travelling under the direction of the police and the route has been agreed with the local highway authority.


The Nemo Link project involves subsea cables coming ashore at the service station area at Pegwell Bay, close to where the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm cables come ashore. Once onshore, the underground cables will be routed through the Pegwell Bay Country Park and beneath the road from BayPoint Sports Club to the Richborough site.

The aim is to provide the UK and Belgium  improved reliability and access to electricity.


Early September 2017 Loading of transformers in Nuremberg and barge transport to Rotterdam

Mid-September 2017 Transfer of transformers from barge to cargo vessel. Depart Rotterdam to Ramsgate

End September Transport 1st and 2nd transformers to site •

November 2017 Delivery of 3rd transformer

Early 2018 Delivery of 4th transformer

Delivery route

After their arrival in Ramsgate, each transformer will be loaded onto a flatbed truck and driven to the Converter Station site.

The route will be as follows:

A299 Royal Harbour Approach

Left onto A299 Canterbury Road East – continuing along A299 Hengist Way

Left onto A256 Richborough Way

Right onto A256 Ramsgate Road

Right into Nemo site, former Richborough Power Station

The project

The joint project is between National Grid Nemo Link Limited, a subsidiary company of the UK’s National Grid Plc, and the Belgian Elia Group.

During the next phase of the work Nemo Link will start the submarine cable installation. Nemo Link is due to be operational in late 2018/early 2019.