Fire crews called to Ramsgate chip shop

Fire crews at Shakey Shakey Photo Jamie Kight

Emergency crews have been called to a Ramsgate chip shop.

The fire is at Shakey Shakey fish bar in the High Street, known for its vegan offering.

Photo Simon Crow

Ramsgate crews were called at 6.30pm.

A witness said: “There was a lot of smoke but I couldn’t see flames. Firemen went in with breathing apparatus at the back of the fish and chip shop.”

Photo Simon Crow

A fryer caught alight but it was contained.

A KFRS spokesman said: “Two fire engines were sent to deal with a fire involving a fryer in a chip shop in High Street, Ramsgate at 6.29pm this evening (15 September)

“The fire is believed to have been caused by cooking oil that had overheated in the fryer. The owners pulled the lid down on the fryer and attempted to use a powder extinguisher to tackle the fire, before leaving the property.

Photo Simon Crow

“On arrival crews wearing breathing apparatus used a powder extinguisher to fully put out the fire, and disconnected the gas supply. A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear the smoke from the building after a full search was completed with a Thermal imaging camera.

“Crews left the scene just before 7pm.”

Shakey Shakey is now open again for business



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