Addington Street ladies bare all in latest Ramsgate art work ‘bombing’

Addington Street Community ladies 'art bomb' Ramsgate again!

You have seen their bare behinds – now the ladies of the Addington Street Community group have shared artwork of their naked fronts!

This month the ladies took a dip in the sea at the West Cliff in the buff to create a Gormless Antonias ‘artwork’ – an interpretation of Margate’s Anthony Gormley male statue at Fulsam Rock entitled Another Time.

They followed it up with Stacey Fleming and her Made Bed – with nice sheets, a Maggie Thatcher mug and a newspaper – as a Ramsgate homage to Tracey Emin’s controversial My Bed due to go on show at Turner Contemporary.

Now the cheeky ladies have decided to go abstract with full frontal body ‘prints’ now adorning The Great Wall of Ramsgate (otherwise known as the hoarding surrounding the derelict Pleasurama site).

The raw-some prints are a nod to French artist Yves Klein – whose work was displayed at Turner Contemporary in 2015 through to 2016 – who experiment with applying paint using naked female models covered in blue paint and then dragged across or laid upon canvases to make the image.

A spokeswoman for the ladies – now calling themselves Block and Tackle – said: “We’ve done an interpretation of Yves Klein, the artist. You’ve had the rear now you have a jumping for joy full frontal.

“It is a celebration of the female form.”

And Ramsgate’s homage to the world of art is not over yet. Block and Tackle say: “Watch out for our next stunt!”

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