Newington pupils have made a video about online bullying

Staying safe online

A powerful video highlighting cyber bullying has been produced by pupils at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

The idea is to reinforce the steps being taken by the school to help pupils – and children everywhere – to use social media safely.

It also aims to encourage families to be aware of what social media applications are being used by children in order to safeguard their online use.

The film was created by teacher Daniela Appleby and a number of children who recount their experiences online and who offer their thoughts on cyber bullying and how to combat it effectively.


Deputy head teacher Wayne Beech said: “Social media has become an integral part of our lives and has brought with it positive and negative elements.

“Our children have access to a significant amount of information and a freedom to communicate with each other through apps and websites unheard of in previous generations.”

In an online message to families alongside a link to the film Mr Beech added: “We feel strongly as a school that it is our duty to support the children in using social media safely and to feel safe using it.

“We would like to enlist you in that duty. Miss Appleby and the children have produced a powerful video describing their experiences of using social media and what the children can do to stay safe.

“Please watch this video with your children and discuss their experiences and ask yourself how aware are you? If you would like any extra information about what you can do to support your child, please contact Miss Appleby on [email protected].”

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said reaction to the video has been positive. He added: “There is not a school in the UK that is not affected by this. We teach children to be respectful to each other face to face. It is just as important for them to be respectful on the Internet.”