Mazes, blocking hoods and spooky seances promised for Screamland at Dreamland

Screamland at Deamland

Screamland is back at Dreamland  for its third year – and promises to be bigger than ever.

The scare-fest, staged for the first time since Dreamland’s £25 million overhaul – will this year have six mazes open for six nights in October.

Screamland is upping the fear factor for 2017 with all-new mazes and disorientating experiences involving vision-blocking hoods and areas that visitors will need to crawl through.

Daredevil visitors who are looking for even more frights can book a live and spooky séance at the park, which will be taking place in the Victorian folly building. Tickets to the séance will be bookable on each night at an additional cost.

There will be street performers, live music and DJs on the Scenic Stage – including Radio 1’s Rock Show presenter Daniel P Carter, Rockaoke, and more to be announced.

A Screamland ticket includes access to all six scare mazes at night, unlimited use of the rides in the amusement park, access to entertainment (including live music) and The Prop Store. Spaces are limited so book your tickets now.


Standard – access to each of the 6 scare mazes, one entry into The Prop Store, unlimited rides, music, street entertainment
Fast Track – access to each of the 6 scare mazes via the fast tracked queue lane, one entry into The Prop Store, unlimited rides, music, street entertainment (limited numbers).
No Scare – for the scaredy cats! This includes access to the park, music/DJs and unlimited rides.
Groups – believe in safety in numbers? Opt for our group ticket for groups of 10 and over – email [email protected].
RIP ticket – launching soon

Screamland is not for the faint hearted. The scare mazes are 12A rated and anyone 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 and over at all times. No entry to the event after 9pm.

Tickets available from:

The Mazes

The Brotherhood – Scare Factor 5/5
Seeing is not always believing. Little is known about the eerie order of monks who once resided on the site of Dreamland – long before the days of Circus Tycoon, Lord Sanger. Some, however, still practice the archaic rituals and rights passed down through centuries. Screamland will take you on a journey filled with fire and brimstone and initiate you into The Brotherhood.

The Legend of Crank Jack – Scare Factor 3/5
The urban myth of ‘Crank Jack’ is well renowned in the area of Thanet, His eerie rhyme should never be said out loud when turning the handle of a ‘Jack in the box’. Dare to say it and face the horrific consequences that await you. Legend says that once he lures his pray into his wacky world, they will become lost forever! Locals have been known to disappear from the Margate area, never to be seen again. People say they wander haunted and lost within his ‘Jack in the Box’. Who is Crank Jack and where does he hide? Will you come face to face with him and find yourself trapped in his twisted maze? Or will you be the first to survive?

The Final Cut Presents: They Came From Outer Space – The Last Screening – Scare factor 3/5
Step into the movies as you take the starring role in a science fiction screamer! Collect your ticket for Horrorwood Picture House and pass through the silver screen. Become part of the action in an alien adventure as the final cut takes on a whole new dimension in its last ever show. Have you got what it takes to be part of this alarming alien encounter?

Dead and Breakfast: Under New Management – Scare factor 4/5
Last year, Fag Ash Lil moved her murderous boyfriend, Jack Mudget, into her decrepit seaside hotel. One year on and all is not sweet in paradise. Margate’s worst ever accommodation is under new management – but something sinister still lies within…where is Lil? Sharpen your senses and check into the Dead and Breakfast…

Festino’s Festival of Freaks – Scare factor 4/5
Infamous showman Alonzo Festino has fallen on hard times. Killer clowns have overrun his fun house and he has been forced to hit the road – travelling from town to town with his band of freaks and the twisted ringmaster is back at Screamland! Enter the freak show and come face to face with your worst nightmares. Leaving the freak show is not so easy, so prepare to be disturbed – this one is guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face!

Punchinello’s Revenge – Scare factor 3/5

Punch is out for revenge; anyone that has crossed him is destined for a life of endless torture and entrapment for all eternity in the hall of mirrors. Run, scream, try to escape, that’s the way to do it.


The Prop Store (included with Screamland ticket)
Delve into the dark world of Dreamland’s secret prop store. Creep through the store as you discover the park’s mysterious history, where all is not as it seems…

Séance (additional cost, limited, bookable on the night)
Seeking even more scares? Join us (and perhaps the spirits) for a live séance in our spooky Victorian folly. Set at the back of the park, there are lots of rumours about this original building from the 1800s.

Get Spooked
There’s also fun to be had at Dreamland this October half term with Get Spooked – Halloween-themed family entertainment and activities for the younger ones. Information coming soon.

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