Graffiti vandals have been targeting homes in a Margate street

Recognise the tag?

Vandals have been targeting homes and other properties in a Margate road with graffiti.

During the past two weeks numerous properties in St Anthony’s Way have been sprayed with ‘tags’ that now need to be cleaned up by Thanet council teams.

The incidents have been reported to police and a plea is being made for anyone with information about the culprits to come forward.

Ward councillor Gary Taylor (pictured below) said: “In the last two weeks St Anthony’s Way has been blighted with graffiti by mindless individuals.

“Thanet council is aware and a minor works team are set to act soon.

“This graffiti causes a needless cost and brings the area down.

“If anyone recognizes any of the “tags” please contact either TDC on 01843 577000, Kent Police on 101 or message the Dane Valley Councillor’s facebook page.

“Cllr Gary Hillman and myself  have recently raised the issue of anti-social behaviour in the area and we will do all we can to help law abiding residents.”

During a neighbourhood engagement last month residents raised the issue of anti-social behaviour blighting Dane Valley, saying the problem of bikes screeching along roads, being driven without licences or tax and being used for drug drop-offs on the Millmead estate was “continual.”

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A report by the Thanet Community Safety Partnership for May 1-July 31 revealed antisocial behaviour complaints for Margate had risen to 218 new cases compared to 137 for the same period last year.