Helen Smith found guilty on Wyevale Garden Centre charges

Helen Smith awaits sentence on the charges

Former councillor Helen Smith has been found guilty today (September 8) on charges of theft of £847 worth of goods, assault and dangerous driving.

The offences took place in April 2015 at Wyevale Garden Centre in Ramsgate. The court heard that after attempting to leave the store without paying Smith then got in her car and hit a company vehicle and a member of staff, causing an ankle injury.

Smith had denied the charges.

A second defendant had evidence presented to the court during a preliminary hearing (August 29) to show he is currently not fit to stand trial. 

Ms Smith, 53, of St John’s Avenue in Ramsgate, was previously a Thanet councillor for Northwood ward, elected on a UKIP ticket in 2015, but stood down in June 2016 following revelation of the charges, which were served by post on September 17, 2015.

Ms Smith, whose trial was held at Canterbury Crown Court this week, has been bailed while sentencing reports are prepared.

Sentencing  will take place on September 22 at Canterbury Crown Court.


  1. She left UKIP before the ‘problems’ were known about her and her “Walter Mitty” partner. The one that showed an MBE Medal on his chest. They helped form the D.I.G. Party, (which has now collapsed) at some point in 2015.
    Thank goodness she was NOT in UKIP when all the criminal sht hit the fan!

    • So that’s makes it ok then. To be fair, they were on bail for this when they got elected for UKIP which goes to show what sort of thieves and cranks you were recruiting. Some might say there’s a few cranks still in their Purple seats. Although you have managed to get rid of the biggest crank of all Alan Howes

  2. What a horrible human being. The cheek of it stealing and probably not the first time while campaigning to be a councillor. I hope they throw the book at her and her lying partner – pretending to be a way hero – criminals the pair of them.

  3. Robster seems to know a lot about the internal workings of UKIP – probably one of the motley crew hiding himself under a guise, it’s okay no one knows who you are!! Lol

  4. Unfortunately, this incident only goes to show how UKIP recruited a motley band of misfits to stand for election in Thanet. And where are they now? We have candidates who have run way to far off lands, candidates who have jumped ship to other parties and candidates who are facing prison sentences. Nobody in their right mind could absolve UKIP from their responsibility for properly checking the candidates they put forward to stand for election in their name.

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