Active Ramsgate: An exciting month to try new activities

Your chance to try activities including scuba diving

It’s an exciting time of year to be in Ramsgate – you’d think that it would begin to quieten down now that the children have gone back to school, but not so!

The beauty of the town is that there is so much to do outside, and with rumours floating around of an Indian summer, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the good weather.

You will probably have noticed a buzz around the Harbour at the moment, an international team of maritime archaeologists are diving, excavating and recording the protected wreck site of the Rooswijk, and there are open days throughout September, allowing the public to view extraordinary items from the shipwreck.

Photo Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

This is a massively significant historical wreck, and it is hoped that finds will reveal more about Europe’s seafaring and naval history.

But why, as Active Ramsgate, are we telling you about this?

The thing is that the coast around Ramsgate has around 2000 shipwrecks scattered about, which makes it one of the most exciting places in the UK to dive.

In fact, one of our Active Ramsgate team members, Terry Vickers, who runs Thanet Diving and Watersports from the Arches at Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour, has been heavily involved with the dive and has some fascinating stories to tell, not just from this dive, but from many that he has undertaken in the area over the years.

Have you ever wondered what’s down there but never realised that you could learn to scuba dive right here in Kent? Well, we are excited to tell you that you can receive full training right here on the Kent/Thanet coast!

Scuba diving courses are run by our very own Terry Vickers at Thanet Diving and Watersports and as part of our new Active8 campaign, Terry is offering is £2 discount per person on a ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ taster session which takes place in a local swimming pool. All equipment is provided, so you just need to book, and turn up! For more information, visit or call 07981 551 922 and quote Active8.

So now’s the time to get learning to scuba dive, and who knows what you may discover down in the dark depths of Ramsgate’s coastline as a result!

Try out Active8’s brilliant activities

The team at Active Ramsgate has put together a list of activities which showcase the best that Ramsgate has to offer, whether that’s by the sea, on it, or even under it!

Not only that, we’ve negotiated a list of special offers, which means that people in and around Thanet can take the opportunity to try out activities they may never have considered before, or have always wanted to do.

(But apart from scuba diving, there are seven other freebies or special offers available from Active Ramsgate, all you need to do is visit one of the Visitor Information Centres in Thanet and pick up an Active8 leaflet, or log-on to the website and download the leaflet directly for details of what’s on offer.

So you can try pickleball, kayaking, kitesurfing…while the weather is still good, take advantage!

Click here for more information on the special offers.