Thanet GCSE results: Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School and St George’s school

Chatham & Clarendon students celebrate their results

Year 11 Students at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School are celebrating some outstanding results yet again.

With an overall pass rate of 95% and 34% of grades at A*/A and 9-7 (new gradings) this is a tremendous achievement at a time of unparalled changes to both the grading system and GCSE course specifications.

Head teacher Debra Liddicoat said: “This has been a challenging two years for both students and staff trying to get to grips with all the changes to GCSE courses with limited guidance from exam boards. This is coupled with the fact that the Government has made no secret of the fact that the exams this year were harder.

“Students and staff should be incredibly proud of these results. They have all worked really hard together to ensure students could achieve their potential. I am indebted to staff for all the hard work they have put in to support students both in lessons, at lunchtime and after school.”

The following 28 students gained 7 or more GCSE’s at grade A*, A, and their equivalent new grades, 7, 8 & 9 (which is above A*)

Lucy Blomfield 5A* 1×9 2A’s 1×8 1×7

Taylor Cousins 7A’s 1×8 1B

Georgia Coyston 4A*, 2A, 2×8 1B 1×6

Jamie Ford 1A*, 5A’s 2×8 2B’s 1×6

Charlie Graham 1A*, 4A’s, 1×8, 1×7 2B’s

Jack Holland 1×9 ,2A*,3A’s, 1×7, 3B’s 1×6

Charlotte Howe 1A*, 2×8, 4A’s, 1×7, 3B’s

Aniq Ismat 2A*, 2×8, 5A’s, 1B, 1×6

Alika Jenkins 1A*, 2×8, 7A’s, 1×7

Marianna Jerez 2A* 1×8, 6A’s, 2×7, 1B

Lily Keck 1A*, 5A’s, 1×7, 1×6, 1×5, 1C

Laura Kingston 2A*, 3A’s 2×7, 3B’s 1×6

Esther Laffey 4A*, 1×8, 5A’s, 2×6

Matilda Lailey 2×9, 6A*, 1×8, 2A’s

Alfie Lawrence 8A’s 1×8, 1×6, 1×5

Nicole Lay 1×9, 3A*, 5A’s, 1B, 1×6, 1×5

Maisie Manning 1×9, 5A*, 2×8, 2A’s, 1B

Molly Rose Medhurst 6A*, 2×8, 3A’s, 1×6

Kin Mo 2×9, 3A*, 5A’s, 1×6

Hannah Murray 1×9, 3A*, 1×8, 3A’s, 1B, 1×6

Georgia Packer 5A’s 1×8, 1×7, 2B’s, 1×6

Joshua Read 6A’s 1×8, 1×7, 1B

Amelia Slayford 1×9, 3A*, 3A’s, 1×7, 2B’s 1×6

Harry Spellman 7A’s, 1×8, 1×7, 1B 1×5

Rohan Terenghi 3A*, 3×8, 6A’s

Jasmine Walke 1×9, 6A*, 1×7, 1B, 1×6

Alex Wells 1×9, 2A*, 4A’s, 1×7, 1B, 1×6

Alice Wilkening 1×9 7A*, 2A’s, 1×7 1×6

St George’s CofE Foundation School

St George’s Church of England Foundation School is celebrating pleasing results under the new examination structure.

Head teacher Adam Mirams, said: “We are delighted with these results considering the volatility and uncertainty that the new grading system has created this year.  They truly reflect the hard work, dedication and commitment of all involved.  We are very proud of what has been achieved.”