A teenager has been arrested following a disturbance at Dreamland

The disturbance at Dreamland

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm and violent disorder following a disturbance at Dreamland last night (August 18).

Security staff called in police when they were unable to contain the trouble.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 8.44pm to a report of a disturbance involving a large number of young people in Dreamland in Margate.

“Officers attended and shortly afterwards a lot of people left the area. One person was reported to have received injuries believed to be minor.”

Philip Rees, leader of Thanet’s Independent Democrats, was at the scene last night and is shown in the video.

He said: “I was there last night, a great performance was ruined by thugs. I had to literally throw myself over one kid to body shield them from getting kicked in by a group who had circled them and where kicking them on the floor.

“Well done to the security at Dreamland and the fast response time by the police.”

Dreamland  Operations Director Dave Clayton said the park operated a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to such behaviour. He said: “During the evening on Friday 18th August an incident started at Dreamland between two groups of youths which was dealt with efficiently and effectively by the Dreamland security team.

“The offenders were ejected from Dreamland, the police were called immediately and they attended shortly afterwards. It is of paramount importance to us that we provide a safe environment for our guests and staff and that we deliver a good experience for all.

“There is zero tolerance towards such behaviour and we are currently working closely with the police in their investigations to identify the individuals involved using our extensive CCTV footage.”

The teenager remains in custody.

There were no reports to police of people suffering stab wounds.