Impromptu ‘Disco Boy’ rave in removal van causes a stir in Broadstairs

The 'rave' got shut down Photo Alexis Cideron

An impromptu ‘rave’ in the back of a removals van caused a stir in Broadstairs last night (August 17)

Prankster ‘Disco Boy’ Lee Marshall pulled up in Albion Street in a Lobster van hire vehicle before opening the back and revealing his lights and decks.

Scores of people packed the road for a dance before police eventually shut it down!

Alexis Cideron

The video, which features on the Trollstation youtube channel, is the latest in a string of pranks by ‘Disco Boy’ wearing his now famous shorts and vest combo!

He invaded the World Championship Darts final at the start of the year, has raved with truckers stuck in Operation Stack and has teamed up several times with Thanet’s Shayan Shayegani, best known as Speedo Shy.

There was also an, ahem, incident with Speedo Shy’s old pranking pal Jack Jones, also from Thanet, but let’s not go there…