Poundstretcher Margate has scrapped its parking fee

Free parking is back Photo Ken Wraight

Poundstretcher and Pet Hut in Margate has axed the 50p parking fee for its Addington Street site.

Parking operator for the bargain retailer, Smart Parking, had put in a system of charging customers 50p for up to 90 minutes parking. Anyone spending over £5 could have their 50p refunded.

But the parking meters have now been taken out after a request from Poundstretcher and the store has returned to its original system of 90 minutes free parking.

Penalty charges will still come into force for motorist overstaying the 90 minutes.

Delighted shopper Ken Wraight said all the machines have been removed. He added: “It’s a welcome return of free parking.”

A staff member confirmed the change back to free parking.

A store spokesman added: “We would like to say the reason we introduced the charge was to limit the fly tipping and pay for the cost of the removal of this.

“As a responsible retailer we are fully aware we have many residential properties neighbouring our site and our aim was to maintain the site so it was in keeping with the surrounding area. It was never our intention to profit from the charge.

“Now we have reversed this we hope our customers will be happy.”