Facebook campaign page launched to help tackle racism in Thanet

The group hopes to combat racism

A facebook campaign has been launched to combat racism in Thanet.

The Anti Racist Thanet page has been started to allow people to share their experiences. The group will eventually present the information to Thanet council and the isle’s MPs Sir Roger Gale and Craig Mackinlay in a bid to get some action.

The aim is to promote anti-racism through campaigning and public events.

A spokesman said: “This campaign, led by a large group of Thanet residents, has been started for the following reasons;
to provide support and solidarity to Thanet’s black and minority ethnic (BAME) residents, our friends and neighbours, for whom Thanet should be a safe and peaceful place to live.
to educate and support victims and witnesses involved in racist incidents on how to manage the abuser, how to report racist incidents and where to seek help and further support.
to promote anti-racism through public campaigning and events.”

The move follows an incident in June when Amira Newton, 14, was among several pupils from Hartsdown Academy who were racially and physically abused on their way home from school yesterday (June 20).

A man shouted racial insults at youngsters including Amira. He is also reported to have slapped a 12-year-old boy with autism and pushed a 15-year-old into a bush.

Hartsdown staff reportedly responded to the incident within minutes.

Amira filmed the man for police to use as evidence, having been advised to do so by officers after the first racial abuse incident.

Her shocked mum Ayaan Bulale, of Fort Crescent, took the video straight to police.

Other incidents that have already been shared on the group’s page include racist comments in schools and a woman who had abuse shouted at her and an attempt to pull off her hijab in Cliftonville.

Find out more about the campaign at Anti Racist Thanet