A colour run raising cash for the NSPCC will be held at Palm Bay

Colour Run

A group of 15 to 17 year olds from Thanet have spent their summer holidays giving back to the community following three weeks learning new skills and meeting new friends on the National Citizen Service (NCS) youth programme.

The group of 10, who met for the first time just three weeks ago, worked together to create their own social action project using the skills they’d developed on the programme. After concluding that they all shared a passion to help children less fortunate than themselves, they decided to dedicate their project to the NSPCC.

They came up with a colour run project because they wanted to bring colour and light into children’s lives who are living in a world of darkness. The teens have also organised a bake sale, raffle and Zumba warm up to take place on the day of the colour run, which is to be held on August 11 from noon at Palm Bay.

Annabelle Toller, 16, said:  “NCS has been the best experience of my life. I found it inspiring as I was able to watch others around me overcome their fears.  Personally I found things like the zip wiring and the rock climbing extremely fun, as well as speaking in front of crowds.  I have been a part of encouraging people to stand up and face their fears.

“One of the highlights was being a part of our social action project which involved organising a colour run for the NSPCC. By doing this I learnt that I already had the essential skills in me but that they needed to be brought out and made stronger. We have worked really hard on the colour run project and we are all really excited and can’t wait to see our hard work pay off.  I have made friends for life and have found that people here; have seen in me the qualities that I need to achieve my dream job”.

Annabelle and the other members in her group spent a week at an outdoor activity centre, with a host of new friends bonding in their groups through adventures organised by NCS, such as abseiling and sensory trail. They then went on to stay in university accommodation where they learnt many new life skills and made connections with charities around England as well as discussing how the power of young people can make a real impact on the community.

NCS runs across the South East during the summer and autumn holidays and costs no more than £50, which covers the entire experience from food and accommodation to activities and travel, with bursaries available on a case by case basis.

NCS takes place during the spring, summer and autumn school holidays all across the South East; young people and their parents can register their interest today on www.ncsyes.co.uk.