A colony of feral cats and kittens is being rescued from a 6ft rubbish mound in Cliftonville

The colony is living in this rubbish pile

A colony of feral cats and kittens have been living in a huge rubbish pile in Cliftonville.

Members of Cats in Crisis have been rescuing the animals from the pile – which tops 6 foot in the middle – in Athelstan Road.

They have been using traps to catch the cats and take them away for checks and neutering. So far they have manged to treat five adults and four kittens.

‘One kitten has died’

The kittens are around 9-10 weeks old. Sadly, one kitten had already died. Another was found to have a prolapse, he was operated on.
The adults have been blood tested, neutered, flead, wormed and chipped. Their ears have been nicked to show they are an altered feral cat.

The males have been returned to the location and the females will go back once they have recovered. This is usual practice with a feral colony. The team have at least one adult left to catch and two kittens.
The kittens are going to need a lot of socialising, they are semi feral so we are sure given time they will come round.


A spokesman for the charity – which relies completely on fundraising and donations – said: “A very concerned resident in Athelstan Road, contacted us and told us about an awful situation with lots of cats and kittens living in the rubbish piles, breeding uncontrollably as all the cats are unspayed and neutered and scavenging for food.

“Fortunately, another neighbour has been feeding the cats and has an enclosed garden that we have been able to put the traps in to catch them.


“The cats are either feral or semi feral and terrified of humans. Some of the cats and kittens are living inside the huge rubbish pile which is about six feet high in the middle. There is also a very small area in the back alleyway, which is full of rubbish, discarded drug syringes, human faeces, rotting waste of all kinds. We have had to climb through all this to set some of the traps.

“This operation has been extremely time-consuming, the traps have had to be set and monitored, vet runs and more. The bill will run into hundreds and that is not taking into account fuel from all the running around.

“Even once they have all been caught the kittens will need a lot of time spent on them to get them to the stage where they will be ready for homing.

‘No excuse’

“The moral of this story is neuter your cats. Low-cost neutering is available from us, the RSPCA and Cats Protection. If your cat is not neutered this is the sort of story you are contributing to. There is no excuse.”

To find out more about Cats in Crisis, and how to donate, click here


RSPCA Isle of Thanet Branch MALES £5 only or – £25* for females
For those on low on income
*includes free chip.
For more info visit https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=412732812132787
Ring 01843 826180
Cats in Crisis Thanet – £30
Ring 07796 633306
Cats Protection Thanet £15*-£30 ( Vet Practice depending. If you meet the catchment criteria. Various low cost neutering throughout the year )
Ring 01227 360432
PDSA Thanet- £21* Male cat, £33* Female Cat MUST pre register.
Must be in receipt of Child/Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Income Support, JSA/ESA/DLA and pensioners who are in Council Tax area A-D.
Neutering can be FREE* ( one animal per household and contribution based, ie donation required) if in receipt of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.
(The clinic is only available to those residents that qualify for/ have pre registered their pets and live in the CT area of Kent)
Ring 01843 269933.