These are the changes to the GCSE grading system – and what it means if you are going to East Kent College

GCSE results day

When students pick up their GCSE results this month (August) the grades will have changed for some subjects from the traditional A/B/C marks to a new system of 9-1 grades.

The highest grade awarded will be 9 with grade 5 the equivalent of a C.

The new system is intended to help provide more differentiation, especially among higher achieving students.

The grades will be given for the first time in 2017 exam results, for specifications that first started teaching in 2015.

What will be graded in numbers this year?


How will this affect prospective students at East Kent College?

Entry requirements will be staying the same for most courses, it is just the way the grades are shown that will change.

For a Level 2 programme students will need to achieve four GCSEs (including maths and English) at grade 3 or above to enrol on a course at the college.

For a Level 3 programme students will need to achieve five GCSEs (including maths and English) at grade 4 or 5 or above to enrol on a course at the college.

For Level 1 and Entry Level programmes students will not need any formal qualifications such as GCSEs, just a keen interest in the subject.

Why does the college have entry requirements?

The entry requirements are set as a standard that students need to have in order to complete the course. All students are invited in for an interview where their suitability for the course will be assessed and an offer will be made on the level most suitable for the student.

Many  students will start on a Level 2 programme, even where higher grades are obtained. Many of our courses teach vocational skills that students would not have been taught in school, to become proficient before progressing to Level 3, students will need the basic skills learnt at Level 2.

What about GCSEs at college?

The college will still continue to offer exams for English, maths and science but students will be graded under the new 9-1 system. Students who start at college but do not have a grade 5 or above will resit GCSE English and maths alongside their chosen course.  GCSE English and maths courses are free to anyone who does not have a grade 5 (or C) or above.

Students will receive GCSE results on Thursday August 24.

Results day for A-levels is Thursday 17 August