Kent Police video reveals risks some drivers will take – including watching a laptop while at the wheel

Kent road policing officers and Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott

Kent Police have released a video revealing just some of the dangerous driving incidents they have tackled across the county.

Culprits include a lorry driver who was fined for watching a movie on the M20.

When looking inside the vehicle, they found the man could only see a small fraction of the road every time he glanced at his laptop screen.

He was one of dozens of drivers who were stopped, fined, given points or educational advice in a special roads policing operation.

From Monday 17 July to Friday 21 July, Kent Police roads policing officers patrolled the M20 in an unmarked Large Goods Vehicle.

The 40-tonne lorry allows officers to see into cars and larger vehicles.

Motorists caught committing driving offences were filmed and then stopped by marked police cars.

In one case, a sports car was stopped for driving at 105mph on the M20 Coastbound between junctions 10 and 11.

Across the five days, 37 drivers were stopped for using mobile devices, 33 for speeding, two for driving an inappropriate vehicle in lane three, and one for a child seatbelt offence.

In total, 25 fines were issued, 15 were reported for offences, and in 33 cases advice was given by officers.

‘Life-changing consequences’

Superintendent Andrew Reeves said: “This five day operation has made it clear that despite the costs a minority of motorists are still prepared to break the law.

“Any momentary lapse in concentration, such as talking on the phone, texting or looking at a device such as a laptop in the vehicle, can have disastrous and life-changing consequences.

“It is for this reason that such offences can carry a large fine and six points on your licence.

“It is completely unacceptable behaviour, which puts the individual and other road users at risk.”