Details revealed of 10-year Westwood Village project

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A project to build 850 homes, a school and retail at Westwood will be phased over 10 years.

Greenacre (Thanet) Ltd revealed details of the Westwood Village at two public consultations this month.

The firm says it is proposing new homes, including affordable homes, 20 acres of public open space, retirement homes, a primary school and a mix of commercial and retail properties including doctors, dentists and vets.

Artist Impression Greenacre Capital


The 23 acre site runs from the Toby Carvery between Haine Road to the East, across to Manston Court Road to the West, taking open fields extending from the Orbit properties on the Star Lane Link Road, and South to Valley Road on the borders of Bradgate Caravan Park.

The plans will include a new inner rink road and a spine road, health facilities, a convenience store, two-form primary school, possibly a hotel, restaurant and pub, homes and open space.


The presentation by Greenacre says: “The vision for Westwood Village is to deliver a sustainable new residential-lead mixed use community that meets the needs of both existing and future residents.

“One of the proposed new links is a new route from Manston Road to Haine Road. This new route will reduce traffic flows on Manston Court Road, with the aim of reducing conflict and safety concerns associated with rat running on Manston Court Road, to the benefit of local residents and all road users.”

The housing will be split into five categories:

Country villas with large gardens

Modest homes for young families

Country courtyard homes

Urban edge terraced homes

High density townhouses

Open spaces will include playing fields and allotments.


The first phase of the development is expected to start in 2018, completing each phase sequentially with an aim to finalise Westwood Village by 2028.


Greenacre Thanet Ltd is part of Greenacre Capital Ltd a private investment company working across three divisions: property, independent living and clean energy.

Based in the UK, they work in partnership with governments, investors and charities around the world to identify investment opportunities that are both profitable and socially responsible.

They are working on the Westwood Village with ADAPT Real Estate, an owner-managed business specialising in the asset and development management of multi-sector real estate

Next steps

July 2017- Public consultation

October 2017- Submission of an outline planning application to Thanet District Council

Spring 2018- Anticipated determination of the planning application

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  1. Don’t think this should happen ,this is supposed to be the garden of England ,not dug up to house a lot of foreigners wanting to live here ,no leave the land alone

  2. The area needs the infrastructure first before this vast expanse of residential habitats is deployed. Healthcare, schools, utilities et al should be place and tested.

  3. Totally agree that the public facilities should be in situ before this huge complex could ever go ahead.

  4. There needs to be a moritorium on new house building in Thanet until there is new capacity in the NHS at both A&E and with Doctors Surgury’s as at the moment we are beyond capacity. Its one of the main things holding this area back along with the water supply and drainage situations.

  5. A bit vague on the consultation dates, also same argument why are these developers building more homes on Thanets main drinking source, Thanet aquifer.

  6. Cant really wait until until all of my local area is concreted over. Please keep building and creating roads. Keep taking the garden of England and making it an eyesore. That is obviously what you want. Local concerns will never be considered. Once it is gone, well you know the answer. 850 houses equals roughly 3000 people. Do the maths! What will it be in 10 years! The good thing is thatvthe council can gather all that council tax money . . . . They need that.

    • Love this tonge in cheek comment but unfortunately for the younger generation of Thanet it is so true!

  7. Even IF they build schools, doctors’ surgeries etc there will be no staff for them, so just empty buildings which will eventually be pulled down to make way for…….. you’ve guessed……. more houses.

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